Family Therapy at Nurtured Spirit

Strong families require strong healthy relationships. Good communication, respect, structure, flexibility and honesty are all qualities of healthy families.

Here are just some reasons families choose to see me:

  • A difference in parenting style between partners can cause stress, chaos, relationship struggles, and challenging behaviors from children and adolescents
  • Families need help to learn how to stay a family after a divorce or separation
  • Families struggle as they learn how to manage the stressors of aging parents
  • A death in the family
  • Caregivers struggle after grown children leave the home
  • Someone in the family is struggling with their gender identity
  • A child is acting out at home
  • A mother and daughter cannot seem to stop fighting
  • Someone in the family loses a job or makes a job transition
  • Blending families struggle to connect
  • Generations of abuse continue to poison relationships
  • Someone in the family comes out as being gay, lesbian, or bisexual or is questioning their sexuality

If any of these scenarios apply to your family it may be time to get some help. I will work hard to understand what is happening for each person involved.  Once I gain insight into each person’s experience I will help you explore what is going on underneath the dysfunction that we see while providing the skills for meaningful change.

Family therapy can look different for every family.  Some families feel most comfortable meeting in my office.  Some feel more comfortable meeting at home or somewhere in the community that is meaningful to them.  Some families benefit from contact via phone, email or text in between therapy sessions and can be accommodated on an individual basis.  We can talk about your family’s needs when we meet. 

If you think your family would benefit from family therapy at Nurtured Spirit, contact me today to discuss options.