Teen Therapy at Nurtured Spirit

Being a teenager is really hard. They often feel misunderstood, disrespected, overwhelmed, scared and lonely.  Stressors can come from school, friends, family relationships, traumatic events, etc. Many teens struggle to deal with these pressures and may feel powerless and out of control.  They often learn to cope with the pressure by engaging in some sort of undesirable behaviors such as acting out , getting bad grades, being disrespectful at home or school, turning to drugs and alcohol, engaging in risky sexual behavior, running away, etc. 

I help teenagers

  • explore who they are and how they fit in the world
  • explore what they want out of life
  • explore and get rid of unreasonable and undesirable expectations created by themselves and others
  • explore their gender and or sexuality and help them navigate the world accordingly
  • explore their values and what matters to them as a human being
  • find purpose and meaning in their lives
  • navigate friendships and intimate relationships
  • communicate more effectively with their parents
  • get motivated
  • be empowered
  • get rid of shame
  • explore religious or spiritual beliefs
  • learn about their bodies and understand who they are as sexual beings
  • take an active role in what happens to them


Please know that I fully understand the amount of trust that is needed from you as a parent to allow me to spend time working with your teen.  I invite you to talk with me about this. 

If you are a teen reading this and feel comfortable and safe talking with your caregivers about coming to see me then please do so.  If you do not feel comfortable or safe talking to your caregivers please contact me at 612-868-6149 for a free 30 minute consult and we can discuss your options.