Couples Therapy at Nurtured Spirit

“Working with Jamy has been life-changing for our marriage.  As two individuals who had not had positive experience with counseling, we had been reluctant to start the process, which seemed daunting.  Once we started working with Jamy, all concerns were alleviated.  In our sessions with Jamy, we both felt heard and validated.  We came away from sessions with an in-depth understanding of each other, our reactions, and the value of our relationship.  We were introduced to tools that resonated with us and we were able to put into use immediately.  We have recommended Jamy to many of our close friends because of how much trust we have in her and how much she has in us.”


Many couples find themselves stuck in unhealthy patterns of relating to one another. These patterns can leave some partners feeling sad, invisible and alone while others may feel inadequate, judged and confused.  If you feel like this in your relationship you are NOT ALONE.  

I help couples recognize their unhealthy patterns and learn new ways of being with one another.  I do this by being present, slowing everything down, and mindfully listening to both partners to understand their unique experience in the relationship. I will help you to understand what you are missing in your relationship and learn how to ask for what you need in a way that your partner can hear and respond. Being in a relationship can be exhausting and lonely.  I can help you feel more connected and at peace with your partner. It is never too early or too late to make things better.


Why do couples seek my help?

  • To enhance their sex lives or discuss sexual difficulties
  • To connect after adding children to their relationship
  • To re-connect after raising children
  • To prepare for marriage or a committed relationship
  • To help with the difficulties of a gender transition
  • To help with difficult life transitions
  • To learn to build trust after an affair or betrayal
  • To learn to stop patterns of unhealthy connection and begin to show up for one another in new ways
  • To learn to stop blaming the other and take ownership for one’s own stuff


*I am currently working towards certification in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.
Read here for more information on this work.


If you think you would benefit from couples therapy at Nurtured Spirit, contact me today to discuss options. 


*photograph by Hugo Chisholm